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1. Philosophical readings from the published work of Domenico Pacitti

Original philosophical studies in negation from Pacitti's The Nature of the Negative, Giardini, Pisa, 1991.


2. Books by Domenico Pacitti

  • Du Fu's "Qiu Xing": Segmental and Suprasegmental Phonological Patterning, Giardini, Pisa, 1994.
  • Essays on Language, Giardini, Pisa, 1993.
  • The Highest Note: An Essay on the Mind and Art of P.B. Shelley, Giardini, Pisa, 1992.
  • The Nature of the Negative: Towards an Understanding of Negation and Negativity, Giardini, Pisa, 1991.
  • From Error to Idiom, Arcari, Lucca, 1987.
  • I suoni del cinese: Introduzione alla pronuncia cinese, ETS, Pisa, 1986.
  • Reading and Response, ETS, Pisa, 1986.