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 Aphorisms: Maxims & quotes
A growing selection of aphorisms and thoughts from the published work of Domenico Pacitti
(Symbols in square brackets are title abbreviations of articles available on this site where you may read each quote in its original context.)
"It is easier to harmonise men's hearts than their heads."
"Ratzinger advances steadily and inscrutably through history like a Panzer crossing enemy terrain, unflinchingly recording his Church’s losses and gradual collapse." [REIR]
"Pera’s reasoning requires little comment beyond the observation that believers and non-believers alike could well find themselves thanking God that the EU is there to restrain him." [REIR]
"One still pictures Ratzinger as Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff’s Inquisitor, overconcerned with absolute power and about as far from the people as from Christ, surveying the world’s poor and underprivileged through the lead squares of the Vatican’s lattice windows." [REIR]
"I conceive of Cantor's smaller and larger infinite and transfinite sets as telling us something of the nature of mathematics and nothing of the nature of the world." [NAM]
"What the mystery of negation comes down to in the end is the mystery of our own humanity." [NOE]
"Narcissus beholds his own undistorted image reflected in the clear pool just so long as the finger that points does not touch the surface of the water. Where the negative wants to point, the affirmative wants to touch." [NAM]
"Herr Ratzinger, evidently not content with his Church's abysmal record of corruption, has taken an important step towards the legitimation of the sort of atrocious human slaughter that is caused by bombs and other weapons." [DMCI]
"The deep and sustained insatiable thirst for power within the Italian peninsula since earliest times is a phenomenon that remains unparalleled in human history." [DMCI]
"To the Italian university system, truth, honesty, justice and the spirit of scientific inquiry seem about as alien as the laws of Galilean physics are to black hole astronomy." [IJHP]
"That over two and a half million students, teaching and administrative staff and ministry employees, all perfectly well aware of the goings-on in their universities, have kept silent and rarely lodged an official complaint suggests a miracle of mass hypnosis which a totalitarian state would be delighted with." [HVAI]
"It is about as hard to get an Italian academic or politician to state uncomfortable truths as it is to drag a recalcitrant goat backwards through a hedge. No Italian speaks the truth without first considering its political implications." [TQIUA]
"Here you have a former president of Italy and twice premier openly advocating that the truth should in certain circumstances be hijacked, notably where it reveals that the country’s politicians are thieves, liars and criminals." [HTTS]
"Only time will tell whether the Bank of Italy is the one Italian institution miraculously exempt from a mafia mentality." [INMP This quote from a 1999 article re-appears following serious corruption allegations against Antonio Fazio, governor of the Bank of Italy, in July 2005.]
"Religious radicalism reflects radical irreligiousness."
"It is not that I became an atheist; rather I simply never became a theist." [DMCI]
"I cannot completely disprove that there is a God in the same way that I cannot completely disprove that there is currently a fully functonal Italian restaurant on the planet Pluto." [DMCI]
"Priests are viruses in society, corrupting truth and infecting the mind." [DMCI]
"Corrupt politics, corrupt nation, corrupt soul." [AFSS]
"Political action is largely incompatible with the observance of moral criteria." [DMCI]
"Only dead fish and seaweed move with the current."
"No price is ever too high to pay for the truth."
"In presenting Berlusconi and not Italy as the anomaly, The Economist appears to have been economising on the truth." [ETEB]
"Reconciliation? There are some doors which can be opened only by those who closed them."
"Precision and documentation do not alone guarantee a true overall picture and may even impede perception of a false one. History writing must be scrupulously monitored precisely because history is of immense value." [LLNWLS]
"Black holes are simply universities translated into Italian."
"The presence in the Italian parliament of a man who was genuinely concerned with justice was about as fitting as an iron girder in a doll’s house." [DPCCH]
"An Italian politician has about as much chance of being morally upright and free of corruption as he has of being fully immersed in the River Po and stepping out bone dry. Entrusting Mr Prodi with the presidency of the European Commission is tantamount to entrusting the running of a brewery to a chronic alcoholic, the operation of a casino to an inveterate gambler or the governorship of the Bank of England to the Sicilian mafia." [INMP]
"Natural disasters reveal the true soul of a nation. In the case of Italy what they reveal is that the soul is dead since they are traditionally exploited for personal financial gain." [IEC]
"Italy's major contribution to the EU will be to teach other member states the twin related arts of evading laws and legislating in order to evade them at a later date." [RCPC]
"To seek truth and ethics in Italian academia is like looking for a rainbow in a black hole or Bin Laden in Disneyland." [DTIAD]
"Italians inhabit a twilight zone between truth and falsehood, fact and fiction, consciousness and unconsciousness. Stark truths are too hard for Italians to bear, like the midday Mediterranean sun at the height of summer." [TQIUA]
"If shadows could speak ... they wouldn't."

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