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Domenico Pacitti writer, philosopher and human rights activist is a British intellectual of third generation Italian and partly Russian origin who has been living in Tuscany since 1985.

Pacitti was born in Glasgow, Scotland on Feb 28 1950. There he attended a Roman Catholic preparatory school run by nuns (Fernhill) and primary & secondary schools run by Jesuits (Ogilvie Hall & St Aloysius' College), none of which altered his precocious atheism. As a modern languages scholar at the University of Cambridge he took four firsts in Russian, French and Italian before going on to read for a PhD in linguistics and philosophy. He has taught philosophy, linguistics, Chinese language & literature and English language & literature at universities in the UK and Italy and his original work in these fields includes seven books and numerous essays.

Pacitti's critical commentaries on Italian education, culture & politics proved seminal in gaining him international recognition in the mid 1990s after he had begun writing as an accredited education correspondent for The Times Higher Education Supplement and The Guardian in London. He is now widely considered to be one of the world's leading experts on Italian corruption and has written several hundred articles exposing malpractices especially within Italian academia. He went on to found the human rights journal JUST Response and the independent book reviews journal JUST Book Reviews, both of which he still directs.

Pacitti currently teaches English at the University of Pisa. Partly as a result of his own revelations the University of Pisa has been specifically singled out by the European Commission as one of six model centres of illegal discrimination in Italy.